The benefits of Jurassic Feast

  • 1.

    Grow the local economy

    Supporting local businesses boosts the economy
    of the local community.

    Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy

  • 2.

    Better Shopping Experience

    Building relationships between the local owner and
    the local customer goes further than just a purchase.

    Local business owners are part of the local community, they care about the community. They stock products according to local needs rather than national trends.

  • 3.

    Environmental Benefit

    Buying locally grown produce or eating in local
    restaurants that cook with local ingredients supports
    a shorter field-to-fork journey. The shorter the journey the lower the environmental impact.

  • 4.

    Build our Community

    There is a social benefit to shopping local. Our shops
    are public spaces as well as retail outlets. Independent stores bring originality to high streets and help shape the identity of the local area. Vibrant local shops, cafés and restaurants not only means locals are proud to live and shop there but also attracts tourists.

  • 5.

    Create Local Jobs

    Investing in local businesses has a positive effect on
    jobs in the area. Small local businesses are the largest supplier of jobs nationally. Local employers are reported to also be more likely to pay higher average wages compared to commercial chains.