Supporting Independent Retailers

The last Friday in November, known to retailers as Black Friday, has become synonymous with online discounts. It is a day that large retail chains claim to offer bargains in an attempt to drive sales before Christmas. However, independent retailers are fighting back against what is seen by many as a mechanism that furthers impulse consumerism rather than conscientious buying.

Boycott by small retailers

It has been reported that about 85% of independent retailers did not participate in this years Black Friday. The number of retailers boycotting the event is the highest figure ever recorded by the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) and comes as part of a growing movement against online shopping websites such as Amazon.

Unnecessary purchases

There is a general feeling that Black Friday encourages us to purchase things that we don’t need and therefore increases waste. It is also very difficult for small businesses to compete with larger retailers. Small businesses tend to keep their prices fair all year round and therefore can’t afford to discount heavily on one day of the year.

The last two years has been a difficult time for independent small retailers, as the pandemic has forced shops to close their doors and markets to be cancelled. At the same time, online giants like Amazon are making a record amount of profits.

Support local

It has never been more important to support local independent retailers. After three lockdowns, and weeks of restrictive regulations many are just starting to build back their business. Christmas is going to be an incredibly important season for independent shops and we must do all we can to support them.

Here at Jurassic Feast we fully support the local retailers trying to be heard amongst the noise of the online giants and the large supermarkets. We have a number of fantastic local food retailers amongst our partners and we highly recommend them all. Not only do they offer amazing local produce but they also provide service with a smile….something that is priceless and something you will never find online!

Please visit our partners page to check out all of our fantastic independent retailers.